“Hello, my name is Paul”

I moved to Silicon Valley in 1997 with a freshly minted MIS/CS degree, enamored by the innovation, entrepreneurship, and culture.  Two market crashes, four start-ups, and two MBAs later, I’m even more enamored with its innovation, entrepreneurship and culture.

I’m currently the founder and principal at LeanCog, a technology consulting firm which helps companies with technology strategy and managed services.  We focus on using strategic and lean start-up based methodologies to create great solutions and then build out the appropriate components to help their customers have the whole solution.  We do this all with a continuous, small, hands-on team of professionals to make sure the big picture never gets lost.

About the killer whale in the header:  I took this picture while snorkeling in the Galapagos in 2003 with a disposable dive camera (back in the pre-digital days).  One of the lessons you used to be taught in dive photography was to always leave enough film for your safety stop – you never know what might swim by. While I was just snorkling on this particular trip, I did just that and had left couple photos on the role.  On the raft ride back to the boat after we had finished, we saw 4 killer whales and jumped back in to spend 10 amazing minutes swimming with them. I dove down to eye level and captured this incredible photo.

What’s the point?  In order to achieve anything extraordinary, you need to take a chance and jump in, pay attention to the lessons learned by others, and be prepared – you never know what might swim by!

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