Finally, free screen sharing! Thank you FreeConferenceCall!

As every entrepreneur knows, borrowing your buddy’s webex account for those important prospecting calls doesn’t always go well, and shelling out big bucks for an account isn’t in the budget.  While Dim Dim worked (kinda) for awhile, it got acquired by and left us with no free alternatives.

Well yesterday I got an invite from my freeconferencecall account introducing their new product,  It is just like it sounds, a free webshare like webex or gotomeeting.  I tested it out, and honestly, it was pretty good.  You are provided a permanent number and link that you can paste into a calendar invite, and it’s pretty comparable to other services beyond that point.  I had some installation challenges with firefox, and the window that shows the screen share doesn’t pop to the front of the screen (the user needs to alt-tab to it or find it on their taskbar), but other than that, it worked great.  It was fast, easy, and best of all – FREE!!!

Now lets just hope they don’t block the google voice calls like they did with freeconferencecall.



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