Model, model everywhere but not a template to use…

I’ve become a big fan of the Business Model Generation book and its Business Model Canvas.  Discussing a business model is a broad topic and its easy to jump all over the place without reaching agreement or fully fleshing out one particular aspect.  The Business Model Canvas is a great framework for organizing your thoughts.  I’m not alone in this as I’m seeing constant reference to throughout the lean startup community.

Even better, Steve Blank recently mapped his customer discovery processes into the framework to help bridge the connection between those two lines of thinking.

Unfortunately though, I could find no easy templates to capture my thoughts.  The PDF provided on the site is great if you can print out a large copy and get everyone in a room, but I needed something I could save and collaborate on with others remotely and potentially asynchronously.

Shockingly, I the only templates I could find on google were in ppt.  So, I built a very very very simple one in google docs so my team could work on it real time on a conference call, and come back to it at their convenience.  One of my teammates showed the template to some colleagues at a workshop he was in and they all asked for a copy.  So, I decided to clear out my data and put a version up that could serve as a template.

Here it is.


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